Can you Help me with my Injury?

Yes. Your care will be catered to your specific needs and goals. We treat conditions associated with the joints, muscles, and nerves throughout the entire body from head to toe due to recent injuries or chronic, nagging pain. With our spectrum of treatment styles, we can create a care plan that best fits your needs.


Do you Accept my Insurance?

Yes. We accept all major insurance companies. We agree that insurance benefits and medical charges can be very confusing.  As a courtesy to our patients, we will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and discuss these with you following your first visit. You just simply need to provide us with your insurance information at your first appointment. In and Out-of-network status can change, so please contact us with questions regarding this. While we can help you understand your relationship with the insurance company, if you have any specific questions regarding your insurance plan, we encourage you to contact your insurance representative directly.


What if i don't have insurance?

We think great care should be for everyone. Therefore, we really try to accommodate all patients, regardless of insurance coverage. Give us a call and we can explain the options available for self-pay.


Will I see both the doctor and rehab Specialist each visit?

Yes. While every care plan is different, almost every patient and condition treated in our office needs some form of passive (we do it) and active (you do it) care. We utilize both the active and passive care to get you feeling better quickly and keep you feeling better, long-term.  Our goal is to empower you as you learn to care for yourself. Recent research on best practices states that this integrated model of active, conservative care is both, the most effective and cost-efficient way to manage your condition.


How long is each visit?

On your first visit, you'll spend approximately 1 hour with Dr. Stephen and Travis as we assess your condition and needs. Follow-up visits will last between 40 and 60 minutes. If you have time constraints, just let us know and we’ll accommodate.


Will you email me a copy of my home exercise plan?

Yes, we understand that those reminders at home are necessary. Every patient will leave with a copy of their custom rehab plan in an email (or paper if preferred) with links to videos on how to perform each exercise. 


Does every patient get a chiropractic adjustment?

Every patient's needs are different.  The chiropractic adjustment/joint manipulation is a fantastic and effective tool for many conditions, but it's not always appropriate for everyone and all conditions. A thorough consultation and examination will help us to understand your wants and needs. Then we'll work with you to decide which treatment methods will be best and most appropriate.


Will I get treated at my first visit?

This depends on your condition and needs. Most of the time, we spend the entire first visit in assessment, to best learn about and evaluate your condition. Dr. Stephen and Travis then meet to discuss your case, to decide on the best plan of action in order to get you feeling better quicker and correct the root cause of your problem. At your first follow-up, if appropriate, we'll hit the ground running and get you on your way to feeling great again. 


Do I need x-rays or other imaging?

Recent recommendations of best practices consider routine x-rays unnecessary and inappropriate. We want to give you the BEST and most appropriate care, which most of the time does NOT involve unnecessary imaging. However, if your case is one in which this imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT, etc) is appropriate, we will be sure to refer you to a local imaging center to receive top-notch diagnostics.


Do I need a referral?

In almost all cases, a referral isn't necessary, but we'll be happy to check for you. If you were referred to our office, we'd love to know who sent you so that we can thank them.


Do you work with my Medical doctor?

We very much appreciate our relationships with local medical providers. With your permission, we'll send your doctor a report after your initial assessment to communicate our findings and how we can help you. We'll then keep them updated along the way to communicate your progress and discuss any needs outside of our office. If there is anything specific that your doctor thinks you need, we're happy to discuss your case with them by phone or through referral to our office.


What if you can't help my condition?

At Crux, we team up with the best health providers in the region. If your condition is something that is better treated in a different medical or allied healthcare setting, we will help get you there by communicating your needs directly with the doctor or provider.


I want to get started. what are the next steps?

Great! Lets get you an appointment and on your way to feeling like YOU again. Click HERE!


I still have a question. How do I get a hold of you?

I guess our FAQ section missed below to ask us anything.