It's time to feel
like YOU again.

We guide people from pain and injury to performance.

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

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Our Methods

Great care starts with a thorough assessment to understand you and your needs. From there we'll blend multiple techniques to create a personalized care and rehab plan. When these therapies are combined and programmed well, we’re able to guide you back to health efficiently, help you improve movement, and give you the freedom from pain that you deserve.

Movement Assessment - to find out what got you here

Manual Therapy A.R.T. - hands-on work to regain motion

Chiropractic Adjustment - to restore function in your joints

Graston IASTM - using tools to assist soft tissue release

Kinesiology Taping - elastic tape to support our improvements

Functional Rehabilitation - corrective exercise for long-term results


The Crux Difference

Too many people feel frustrated or hopeless, dealing with
pain that keeps them from doing the things they love.

At Crux, we provide solutions to guide people back to the life they deserve.

Come experience what makes us unique.


Your Team

We see our patients as team members who play an active role in care, from day one with goal setting to your final visit of successful rehabilitation.

We consider you the Captain of the team, and we're here to help get you to the finish line.


Our Patients

At Crux, we are driven by a few things: 

The desire to learn and improve every day.

The quest to make every patient interaction the best possible.

The goal to change the way our community views healthcare.

The successes of our patients and friends.


Come learn and move with us at these upcoming events:


THe climber's Shoulder
July 2018

Join us for the first of four injury prevention clinics at Adventure Rock!  This class will focus on Shoulder health as we learn to bulletproof the shoulder to prevent and/or rehab climbing injuries

THe climber's fingers and elbows
July 2018

Join us for the this injury prevention clinic at Adventure Rock!  This class will focus on elbow and finger health as we learn to protect from prevent and/or rehab climbing injuries.

THe climber's Back and Hips
August 2018

Join us for the this injury prevention clinic at Adventure Rock!  This class will focus on Back and hip health as we learn to protect from, prevent, and/or rehab climbing injuries.  



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