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The basis of chiropractic care involves restoring proper motion in the joints of the spine as well as the arms and legs through gentle manipulation or adjustments. Chiropractic manipulation helps regain movement in stuck joints to restore full range of motion while optimizing the function of muscles and nerves in the region. Each patient’s needs are different and we’re able to deliver specific types of adjustments to meet these needs.  While most patients enjoy and receive hands-on treatment, some prefer the use of an adjusting instrument for more subtle changes. At Crux, we match patient needs and preference to deliver relief as quickly as possible.

The number of visits a patient will need for a complete treatment plan varies greatly, depending on the problem, age, and health of the individual. At Crux, we cater our treatments to the individual’s goals and needs. Once the treatment plan is completed and goals are reached, the patient can make the choice to continue with a preventive maintenance program. Chiropractic preventive maintenance helps maintain good health, much like regular car maintenance keeps a vehicle on the road and running smoothly.

Most athletes optimize their health for better performance by using some form of regular chiropractic care.

The chiropractic adjustment is a very useful and powerful tool when used appropriately. While not necessary or appropriate in every case, if your condition is one that would respond well with joint manipulation, this is one of the best things for you.