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Movement Assessment

Excellent healthcare should be focused on achieving results and getting you moving, feeling and living better! 

With this in mind, the movement assessment is one of the most important tools used at Crux Chiropractic. A thorough evaluation will allow us to uncover the weakest links in the chain which are causing your body to break down with pain or dysfunction.  In short, we systematically observe your movement to understand what's behind your symptoms. We use this knowledge to help create a personalized and complete treatment plan to take you from A to Z.

 At Crux, we provide assessments for more typical symptoms such as your low back pain and neck pain. Furthermore, we also provide higher level movement assessments for the everyday athlete. Our goal at Crux is to give you the knowledge and ability to move better, so you can get back to YOU and doing the things you love!

Our Assessments:
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
Clinical Audit Process (CAP)
Functional Movement Assessment (FMS) 
Y-Balance Test