Your path to recovery starts with a thorough evaluation. We take the time to understand YOU, what you need to meet your goals, and what we need to do to meet your expectations.

And then we work hard to exceed them.

Most patients receive essential hands-on therapies that help free motion, calm irritation, and balance muscle tissues. We then combine this with specific, active movements to help the body re-pattern the new freedom of motion.
It’s this combination that helps us deliver great results.

This technique uses the provider's hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of soft tissues. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements.

Chiropractic manipulation helps create movement in stuck joints to restore full range of motion while optimizing the function of the muscles and nerves in the region.

This technique utilizes specialty hand-held instruments to perform soft tissue procedures to increase circulation, relax tissue, and break up scar tissue and adhesions in muscles and around joints.


A thorough evaluation will allow us to uncover the weakest links in the chain which are causing your body to break down with pain or dysfunction.

We custom build a rehabilitative exercise plan for you, then take you, step by step, through it so you know exactly What to do and Why.

This elastic, fabric tape is used as a supportive therapy for a number of different reasons from decreasing pain to removing swelling, or even to prevent fatigue during a performance