The Crux team is absolutely wonderful! They are unbelievably kind, knowledgeable and accommodating. I went in, about three weeks before my full marathon, for knee/ ITband issues. They worked their magic and helped me to reach a PR on race day, with zero pain! I’m still in shock. I am so thankful for everything they have done for me. I highly recommend Crux to anyone needing a little help to feel like themselves again.
— Melinda
I can honestly say Stephen and Travis changed my life forever. I found them in despair after years of suffering from chronic back pain. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, masseuse and multiple chiropractors and kept getting worse. The integrated treatment they put me on saved me. Best part was they fixed me quick. I remember asking Dr. Stephen if I needed to see him every week. His comment was, “if you are coming in here every week, we are doing something wrong.” I trust both inexplicably.
— Jeff
Dr. Sherman is an outstanding chiropractor. I’ve been treated by him on several occasions, always with positive results. He has shown me that injury and pain are not a fact of life, and that it is possible to maintain an active lifestyle by being proactive about your health. Thanks to him I no longer view pain and injury as a catastrophe but as a manageable setback that I can overcome with his help.
— Ted

I am a 56-year-old who was a patient of Dr. Stephen’s for several years. His expertise and caring manner got me through several chronic conditions including pain and stiffness in my neck, back, hips and foot and ankle. Stephen not only helped me but also my two children, one a dancer and one a rower, both of whom went on to performed at the college level and beyond. I have great trust in Stephen and his talents to heal.
— Jen

Dr. Stephen is easily the best chiropractor I have ever seen. As an active runner, I saw him for numerous issues, including a strain in my hamstring tendon, low back tightness, and a quad strain. His goal was to limit my time off and get me active as quickly as possible. He does much more than manipulations. He stretched me and performed active release. The treatment was sometimes strenuous, but it always gave me the results I wanted. Unlike other chiropractors, his goal isn’t to see you multiple times. He wants to fix your issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible so you don’t need to see him all the time. If you are injured, go see him as soon as you can. You won’t regret the decision!
— Jennifer

For over 4 years, I listened to my husband rave about Travis Owens and how he helped him get back to good health after a bicycle accident. He constantly urged me to give Travis a try. My first work out with Travis was on 2/29/17 and switching to him was the best thing that ever happened to me!... The end result was a more confident and stronger me...
— Jennie

Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. Have been struggling with consistent lower back pain as a cyclist for a few years. The movements that were recommended in addition to the adjustment I receives really helped to strengthen my core and keep the soreness from coming back. I would recommend Crux to any athlete looking to improve their mobility, address chronic pain, or prevent future injuries.
— Jakub

Dr. Stephen treated me for different issues for over 5 years. I work out a lot and sit at a desk all day so I had various problem areas throughout the years. Whether it be tight hamstrings, hips, neck or back, he always found the issue and treated it effectively. Every time I left the office, I felt like a new person.
I have skinny weak ankles and have rolled them a few times. I will never forget when I rolled my ankle so badly that he rode his bike to my work to tape it for me. Between his care and the exercises he provided me, my ankle always healed pretty quickly and I was able to work out again in no time.
He takes his time to really understand the problem and treats it appropriately. I have sent my entire family to him as well as many, many friends.
— Jessica

Travis Owens! I really don’t know how to thank you enough for giving me the tools and teaching me confidence that I can be healthy and strong again. I’ve dealt with chronic low back pain due to 3 herniated and degenerating discs starting when I was 22...When my wife and I decided to have our first baby I knew that there was no way I could lift a baby in and out of a crib. Scared of what kind of husband and father I would become I searched for Travis...and he was happy to try and help me recover...His belief in movement, stretching under load and injury-free exercise has helped me built myself to a strength level and reduce pain level that I haven’t experienced since my early 20’s. I carry my baby boy around, scoop him up off the floor or in his crib with no problem. I never thought it was possible that I could feel this good again.
— Bryon